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Article 11 & 13

On 26.03.2019, the EU Parlament voted in favour for uploadfilters! Watching the consistent effort from German parties like CDU and SPD to undermine the only free medium for some time now, i want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the „democracy“ these parties put on display. In their coalition contract it explicitly said „An obligation for the use of uploadfilters for platforms, to filter out user uploaded content for copyright infringements, will be opposed because it is disproportionate.“ Well guess who voted for uploadfilters!? But not only that, after being flooded with mails, letters and an online petition signed by 5 million people in protest of Article 13, these parties claimed we were all bots. On 23.03.2019 over 200000 people took it to the streets in Germany, to show our lobbying politicians that we are indeed real people. Afterwards the CDU had the audacity to claim protesters were paid 450€ to join the cause, without giving any proof of such actions (till this day). Right now, Germany is on a good way of having a similar online censorship like China! Well done CDU!

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Hi there. I am Jan, a Berlin Game Developer with specialization in Virtual Reality games and Unity3D development. On this side you can view my Resume and the Projects I have worked on. In 2014 I graduated from School4Games with a degree in Game Development. Since then I work as a freelance developer for iLinkAr and do Augmented Reality Games and Apps for companies such as BB Radio, Radio Teddy and fupa.de.

Despite my mum hating it, games always have been a big part of my life. Growing up with Sonic the Hedgehog, Monkey Island, Doom and Bomberman some of my most precious memories are about games. Like buying a GameBoy lamp from my hard saved money so I can play after bedtime. Taking advantage of the typical kindness of my grandparents on our Bulgarian vacation so I can play Arcade Games in the hotel lobby. Or 2 little kids sneaking onto the work PC of my friends mum at sleepovers.
Over the years this passion shifted. Though I still totally enjoy playing games, I became more and more interested in the process of making games. Today i am proud to say, that I turned my passion into a job and that I get to work on the most superior form of entertainment, games.