Radio Teddy – Endless Runner

Radio Teddy Logo


Radio Teddy Endless Runner is an promotional App for Radio Teddy live events. The game is aimed at small kids and is controlled with a dance mat. The player must navigate Teddy around a series of obstacles or jump across them and collect notes for points.

Platform: Pc
Genre: Endless Runner
Engine: Unity3D
Players: 1
Year: 2018

My Tasks

For the first time I completed the pipeline of modelling, pelting, texturing, rigging and animating a 3D character in form of Teddy. I made the level with Unity Terrain and programmed everything. Additionally, I produced other assets like the white and radio house model, drew 2D textures for the Skybox, lend my voice for the sound effects Teddy makes and made particle effects. The starting screen background, the music and assets from the Asset Store like foliage, decoration, butterflies, bunnies and skateboard are not made by me.


Radio Teddy Endless Runner Screenshot
Radio Teddy Endless Runner Screenshot 2