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In the 2D Platformer Orb Wizard you slip in the role of our hero Richard. After a tragic fate he tries to get revenge with his newly won magic abilities against hordes of mechanical enemies.

Platform: Pc
Genre: Platform Shooter
Engine: Unity3D
Year: 2012

My Tasks

With only one programmer in our course i ended up volunteering as coder for one of the first semester projects. Never having touched a programming language or engine before, i taught myself JavaScript, the basics of Unity3D and managed to finish the project in time. I also was responsible for VFX and asset implementation.


Orb Wizard Screenshot
Orb Wizard Screenshot


Orb Wizard Screenshot
Orb Wizard Screenshot


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Post Mortem

The best word to describe our first project is “Mayhem”. With absolutely no clue of what our team is capable of, missing vital skill sets in all departments and a strictly specified milestone pipeline this project started out pretty bad. Slow progress in pre-production and a good part of the production phase led to conflicts within the team. In an moderated conflict meeting we solved our problems and started working for the first time as a productive unit afterwards. Nonetheless, I didn´t get the animations done properly, our art assets have artifacts or are missing, the design is done poorly and was limited due to my humble programm knowledge, which makes playing Orb Wizard a not so pleasant experience. But the lessons learned where of great value and helped deciding what direction we wanted to take in the future, understanding teaching subjects better because of the practical experience and knowing the value of team management systems.
In the end everybody involved was happy that we managed to finish our first little game and eager to apply the newly gained skills in the next project.