War of the Immortals TEW2020 Mod

WOTI Description

My longest running project, WOTI VI: Fury Mania. War of the Immortals is a real world fantasy mod for the wrestling booker simulation game Total Extreme Wrestling 2020. I took over this Mod in 2010 and worked constantly on it ever since. My research led me to scouting hundreds of available wrestling pages from the past (archive.org) and present in several languages. I made over 20000 pictures to accompany the mod and created a database with almost 5000 real wrestlers, including biographies, personal relationships, individual skill sets and a bunch of narratives to give the game world a more authentic feeling. The mod can be downloaded at TEWDB.

The WOTI TEW2020 Wrestling Mod itself combines different wrestling eras and puts wrestlings all time greats in their prime. If you ever wanted to book legends like Bruno Sammartino vs. Roman Reigns, Hogan vs. El Santo or The Rockers vs. The Young Bucks this is the go to mod. Every imaginable dream match is possible! Additionally the mod features 78 active real life wrestling companies, 2500 tag teams, 600 titles and 6000 wrestler relationships. From the good old „Rasslin“ days till the modern „New Age“, Lucha wrestling in Mexico, pureruso in Japan, to strong style in the UK, everything is represented appropriately. Fans of every existing wrestling era will get their money’s worth!

But let´s be honest, since Wrestling always has been a passion of mine, I use the WOTI TEW2020 Wrestling Mod as an excuse to watch wrestling and do extensive research on it😆

WOTI TEW2020 Wrestling Mod Hypevideo