Radio Teddy and BB Radio Fortune Wheel

Game Description

Reskin of the Fortune Wheel Game for Radio Teddy and BB Radio. The game is used at promotional live events and players can win prizes on site. Set up on a display stand, the game is controlled with a big red buzzer button. Additionally, the game is optimized to run on a small office PC.

Fortune Wheel Game Radio Teddy

For the Radio Teddy version most of the scene is in 2D. I drew the scene in Adobe Photoshop (except the curtain is a stock image), as i had more control over the viewpoint perspective doing so. Saving the drawings in different layers, I added the 3D Model of Teddy and 3D Toy Models to the Unity3D scene. When the player wins a prize, Teddy celebrates with a dance animation, and greets the next player with a hand wave.

Fortune Wheel Game BB Radio

BB Radio requested their own graphics in the background. To make the background less static, I extracted some details out of the picture and animated them with Unity3D. For the Wheel I added a glowing light effect to the outer rim and inner wheel, which reacts depending on the game status.

Game Screenshots
Radio Teddy Fortune Wheel Game Screenshot
Radio Teddy Fortune Wheel Game Screenshot Winning

BB Radio Fortune Wheel Game Screenshot
BB Radio Fortune Wheel Game Screenshot 2
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