Radio Teddy Virtual Reality Tour


Virtual Reality project for Radio Teddy. Users get to experience a tour through the Radio Teddy building and watch the rooms and moderators in 360° VR videos. The user starts off in a colorful 3D Toon world and has some time to marvel the VR landscape. Afterwards the user is invited by Teddy and his friend Paulchen to join them for a tour through Radio Teddy. Hoping in the elevator, the user drives to 4 different floors and gets to watch the videos. In the videos he gets to overview the accommodation and the process of broadcasting a radio channel. The game is optimized for Oculus Go and was developed with Unity3D.

After testing our Beta on our focus group (kids) for the first time, we came to the conclusion that we are failing to hold their attention span for the full experience, especially during the Videos, as they are around 40seconds each. So currently we are working on a design, that includes a Minigame, shorter videos and a real voice for Teddy instead of speech bubbles.


Screenshot of Radio Teddy entrance
Screenshot of Radio Teddy entrance environment

Screenshot of Radio Teddy Elevator
Screenshot of 360 Virtual Reality Video