RPG Maker MV – Parallax Mapping


I tried out some parallax mapping in RPG Maker. The background picture is a digital painting I made of a photo from google. The rest is a mixture of drawings, patterns and textures. While playing the game scene, the character is able to walk behind the trees and the sunrays slightly move. Walking behind objects is not integrated in RPG Maker MV, so to achieve this, a parallax map is a good workaround. I messed up a little on the front edge of the rock and should have drawn the trees with stronger contrasts as they seem a bit blurred. This drawing was part of a survival game I was working on in RPG Maker MV.

Although the game was never finished, it helped me learn the basics of the engine. The easy to use and reduced engine is a welcoming change compared to Unity. Even though RPG Maker has its limits, I would definitely consider this engine for certain kind of games. It also could be used to do rapid prototypes. RPG Maker is especially suited for beginners and kids. David Browne´s Tutorial functioned as inspiration for my work. Naked character credits: Gordon Ramsey and FuzzyDemon

Picture of RPG Maker Parallax Map

Parallax Mapping RPG Maker MV by Jan Schlosser