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A funny Meme game project named Toiletpaperman. With budgets being cut due to Corona, we started working on a small game named Coronaman: Toilet Paper Battle. The plan was to publish it for Android on the Google Play Store and monetize it with Unity ads.

After testing around with gyroscopic and swipe controls, we came up with a working Beta after 3 weeks and uploaded it to Google Play. Waiting several days to get reviewed by Google, the game was declined and I received a strike on my Google Account. The support gave us no real explanation for the denial except a link to the Google Upload rules. Therefore, I contacted the support and asked for the exact reason. The reply was another link to the same upload rules I received in the first place after being declined. Doing our own research, we found out Google Play and Apple Store currently reject all Corona related Apps if they are not made by an official government or organization like WHO. This rule was put in place to ensure that no misinformation gets spread over the pandemic.

After that we rebranded our game project to „Toiletpaperman“ and contacted the Google Support again. Asking if the game would be accepted if we remove all Corona references, we got an unsatisfying response. The support stated that no info can be given and we just have to upload our game again, risking another account strike. As you are not allowed to open another Google Play Account if yours gets banned, and strikes being permanent, we ditched the idea of releasing to Google Play Store. Demoralized, we finished the failed project by uploading an unoptimized WebGL version to Kongregate.

Lesson learned to do research before starting to work on a project…

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The unoptimized WebGL version can be played here:

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