A10 Center Fortune Wheel


A Fortune Wheel Game made with Unity 3D in 2019. A10 Center, a local shopping mall, was planning a promotional event at their center. They wanted to include a fortune wheel game, where visitors can win prizes, coupons and even a 2 day holiday trip from local shops. With a tight deadline, I bought a fortune wheel from the Unity Asset Store and modified it so the client has a back-end, in which he can select the participating firms and included rewards for the prize pool (in case they run out of certain prizes). The rewards get randomly selected from the prize pool depending on the winning field after spinning. I also textured the surfboards with logos from the participants and designed the 3D environment with Unity Store Assets.

The short lived game fulfilled its purpose in catching the eye of customers, and was perfect to handle the high amount of people who wanted to play. Can´t go wrong with free stuff. The success of this event led to several fortune wheel games being ordered for other live events. To have a look at the Radio Teddy and BB Radio fortune wheels click here.

Screenshots Fortune Wheel

A10 Center Fortune Wheel Game Screenshot
A10 Center Fortune Wheel Game Screenshot Prices

A10 Center Fortune Wheel being played
Game being played at A10 Center

Video of Game